-access 24/7
- practice/repeat, review
- no embarrassment, take your time to learn
- reference when needed

virtual training
-live training on any device
- questions answered in real time
- individual attention
- instructor learns pain points = better training

in person training
- role-play
- simulations
- on the job training
= needed support

-online testing, available 24/7
- regular testing = professional employees

Employees with the proper training & support surpass the competition
They enjoy their work
They are more fulfilled
More revenue, a higher quality organization

We create high standards in the most important components of business: 


If they truly like your people, you are ahead


To establish gratified employees who make customers feel extremely welcome

or Service

The need for:

To bring in more business

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-We will help identify specific, achievable goals.  This first step is essential for results and a return on investment.  

-Understanding your audience, the trainees, is analogous to understanding a medical patient. Doctors prescribe after patient examinations and histories are complete.  

-All of your resources are examined and identified in order to gage real use. 

-Based on our research up to this point, we build a concept with examples.   

-One or more prototypes are then constructed for trial purposes. The trials are professionally arranged to produce useful data. 

-From the data, the road map is produced. This map will achieve goals and produce results. 

Consider: The common error is generalizing, naming broad goals to be everything for everybody.  

Building doesn't start before solid plans are drawn. Surgeons know exactly what they will do before the operation. 


sound effects

Educational research presents various methodologies that improve content retention for various types of learners. We produce with the use of mnemonics, edutainment, quizzing to learn, smart repetition, and more. Engaging the learner is paramount. 

Flexible online testing

Testing can include voice-over, video, images, hints,  branching, and more.

Some organizations have a focus area on testing. Testing is a field that doesn't get as much attention. Valid, fair and comprehensible are a few words that connect to a professional testing approach. A good number of unfair tests are produced, often from well-intentioned folks, and in some cases, employees can lose their jobs over them. There is a smart path to creating, running, and using data to analyze results.  We apply high standards and a very professional approach to make sure testing is done right. 

Learning management system (LMS) administration

Browsers, servers and software updates effect how your elearning will continue to run.  Getting stuck can be a major headache to say the least. Our service will keep your courses updated with your latest content and the latest patches.