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20 + years
Training produced for organizations large & small including:

United States Department of Defense
Chicago Transit Authority
Ernst and Young
V-C-A. Veterinary Centers of America, animal hospitals
U-S-C, University of Southern California
AbbVie, pharmaceutical research & development
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Residential Real Estate Council
Apple One Employment Services
Dave's English as a Second Language Cafe
WanShun wire harness & cable assembly
Allegiant Airlines
Southern California Edison power company

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The puzzles of life continually challenge us with obstacles.
Some of us respond by:

A true critical thinker uses a process to identify the issue, consider several pathways, then make a decision based on cause, evidence, and smart analysis.

Integration of genuine critical thinking processes


Genuine critical thinking helps leaders and staff improve their thinking process and decision making. Most of us have never studied a distinct process for critical thinking, though we may erroneously believe we are critical thinkers.